Additional Piano Programs

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. The program inspires excellence through individual student assessment, allowing students to celebrate their accomplishment and parents and teachers to track their progress in comparison to others across the country. Assessments are offered three times a year. Check out this video for comments from participants. Additional fees apply for this program.

The Order of Ebony and Ivory

Supporting the advancement inherent in The Music Development Program, The Order of Ebony and Ivory provides a graduated technical challenge program of scales, chords, and other technical requirements which will train the student for success. Students receive medals upon completion of each level, with various colored neck ribbons and medal signifying their level of achievement from Apprentice Magician (white ribbon, bronze medal) to Arch Mage (black ribbon, gold medal).

Piano Auditions

Piano auditions is an educational program of the Washington State Music Teachers Association encouraging goal setting, persistence, and creativity. Students have an opportunity to perform two pieces from memory in contrasting styles to receive an objective evaluation of their skill and musicianship by an impartial, competent professional. Students receive a written evaluation and oral comments as well as a certificate of participation. Additional fees apply.

Musical Gift Recitals

These monthly events, sponsored by the Lake Washington Music Teacher's Association, allow students to give the gift of music to an appreciative audience at area senior living communities. Generally taking place on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, these are wonderful low-key opportunities for students to gain performance confidence and share their musical accomplishments with others. There is no additional fee to participate.

Studio Recital

At least once a year, the students of Stan Watkins Piano Studio produce a recital. These semi-formal events provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their progress, gain self-assurance in their performance ability, and gain project management skills as they set goals and prepare for a major event. Students are encouraged to perform from memory at these recitals. Family and friends are invited to support their students by their attendance and appreciation. Students may participate in the studio recital without any additional fee.