About the Lessons - Piano Courses Offered

Celebrate Piano

Piano lessons for beginners 6-10 years old
Designed for beginners with no previous training in music, Celebrate Piano 1A introduces music reading using a simplified notation, keyboard patterns of black and white keys, and basic rhythmic concepts of a steady beat and short and long notes. Students begin developing their physical playing abilities by learning finger numbers. They listen to distinguish the rhythmic and melodic patterns they have learned and use them in creative composition.   (view the Celebrate Piano course detail)

I Used to Play Piano

Refresher piano for adults
This course for those returning to the piano includes music specifically selected for adults in a variety of styles, including pop, jazz, boogie, blues, ragtime and classical. The course design is highly personalized, so that each student begins at the appropriate skill level. With careful evaluation and review, many are delighted to discover that they remember more than they thought!

Music Achievers

Piano lessons for intermediate and advanced students
Piano lessons at Stan Watkins Piano Studio are designed to prepare students for successful advancement in The Music Development Program from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada. Students benefit from this standard curriculum and meaningful assessment. Students explore various historical styles and a variety of sounds, including traditional, impressionistic and contemporary music. The primary orientation is toward classical repertoire, but students may substitute some popular music of equivalent difficulty.  (view the Music Achievers course detail)

Piano 101

Beginning piano lessons for adults and teens
This piano course is for adults and teenagers who want to play piano for fun! The comprehensive approach to music at the keyboard includes varied repertoire, musical understanding, keyboard skill, harmonization from lead sheets, and listening skills.

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