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Teaching Piano

How to Learn to Read Music

What is the best way to learn to read music? The United States has printed more series of music curriculum than any other country in the world. While there are many aspects of a good music curriculum, including music theory, technique, and listening skills, one of the main focuses of early music training, traditionally, has been music reading. Even though there have been many series of books written, they generally fall into three distinct systems.

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What really happens in a piano lesson?

A glimpse into a typical lesson, for those who have not studied music before, or, at least, have not studied with me. Even though each lesson is different, I strive to maintain a balance between all the elements of music and usually follow a similar lesson order.

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Philosophy of Discipline and Self-control in the Piano Lesson

Learning to play the piano, like many other worthy goals, requires discipline and self-control. Discipline is what helps someone focus on the task at hand, rather than other distractions. Discipline allows one to postpone a pleasurable activity to a more appropriate time. Discipline pushes one to practice hard to develop a skill that is not realized immediately.

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