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Music Teaching Charts

Today, I am adding the first of what I intend to be many charts designed to teach piano students concepts of music theory and history. I have two primary reasons for developing these charts. First, is to provide a permanent source of information for the student. The typical method book sprinkles concepts and explanations throughout the series, leaving the student without a place to look up information later. To get the best use of this material, each student will provide a notebook with dividers for pitch, rhythm, form and style, history, and my compositions. The second reason for these pages, is to provide a standard method for explaining concepts, no matter which method I may use with a particular student (or no method at all). The possibility of teaching without a traditional method is particularly appealing for later beginners and adults, who may be put off by a traditional piano teaching method.

There are several features which I intend to work into these charts. First, they will be participatory. Rather than a beautiful chart already completed that they may never look at again, the student will actually make his own chart. Secondly, each chart is progressive. More information is added as the concept is developed. Adding additional information to the existing chart provides a built in review. I also plan another specific review by having the student revise each chart once a year—probably in September to start of the year with a review survey.

The first chart is a simple explanation of landmark notes on the grand staff. I provide it here in a blank version and a completed version.