Celebrate Piano Course Detail

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Celebrate Piano 1A

Designed for beginners with no previous training in music, Celebrate Piano 1A introduces music reading using a simplified notation, keyboard patterns of black and white keys, and basic rhythmic concepts of a steady beat and short and long notes. Students begin developing their physical playing abilities by learning finger numbers. They listen to distinguish the rhythmic and melodic patterns they have learned and use them in creative composition.

Celebrate Piano 1B

Students are introduced to the Grand staff and learn five landmark notes, learning to read music by interval from these known pitches. They are introduced to time signatures, rests, and ties and continue learning finger independence. They begin rhythmic and pitch dictation as well as composing question and answer phrases.

Celebrate Piano 2A

New musicianship elements at this level include additional landmark notes, 5-finger patterns, and sharp key signatures. Rhythmically, students add eighth notes and rests as well as pickup notes. Their technical studies are centered on 5-finger patterns and they continue with listening and creative assignments, including variations. Those participating in The Music Development Program prepare for Preparatory Level A assessment.

Celebrate Piano 2B

Students are introduced to the concept of musical form, major triads, and flat key signatures. They learn the rhythmic elements of the dotted quarter note, ritardando and fermata. They expand their technical studies to include major triads, octaves, staccato and legato touch and finger crossing, in preparation for scales. Their listening skills continue to improve with dictation and identification exercises as well as creative expression through improvisation, variation and parallel and contrasting question and answer phrases.

Celebrate Piano 3

Students learn basic chords, progressions, and harmonization. They expand their understanding of intervals, sequence, and imitation, and are introduced to minor keys. Technically they learn two and three-note slurs and pedaling. Their listening abilities grow to identify intervals more precisely and major and minor tonality. They use their creative skills in a variety of compositional forms. Those participating in The Music Development Program prepare for Preparatory Level B assessment.

Celebrate Piano 4

Students are introduced to additional intervals, special scales, chord inversions and dominant seventh chords. They complete their introduction to rhythm with syncopation and 16th notes. They learn standard scale fingering technique in major, minor, and chromatic scales. Students add harmonic dictation to their listening skills, while expressing their creativity with different accompaniment styles and assigned compositions. Those participating in The Music Development Program prepare for Level 1 assessment.