Music Achievers Piano Course Detail

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Preparation for the Preparatory and Level 1 assessments are integrated with the Celebrate Piano coursework.

Music Achievers 2

Students explore various historical styles and a variety of sounds, including traditional, impressionistic and contemporary. They develop abilities in pedaling, expression, balance of tone and independent voices. Students learn dance forms from various style periods. To achieve facility with this repertoire, students learn to play scales hands together.

Music Achievers 3

Students continue to explore all historical periods, including Baroque dances as well as 2- and 3-part forms, the Classical sonatina, with its characteristic scale passages, cadence patterns and accompaniment styles, as well as romantic and contemporary literature. Technical requirements expand to include additional scales and chords.

Music Achievers 4

At level 4, students can experience significant musical and technical growth through the variety of repertoire and technical studies. They learn new accompaniment styles, additional independence in Baroque repertoire, and an array of figurations in classical sonatinas. Selections from the Romantic period focus on melody, balance, and expression while those of the contemporary era offer interesting rhythmic challenges. The technical requirements are expanded to include arpeggios and cadences.

Music Achievers 5-10

At levels 5-10, students encounter longer and more varied forms as well as ornamentation, thicker harmonic textures, and increasingly sophisticated combinations of melody and accompaniment. Technical requirements expand the student’s success in increasingly difficult musical literature.